At the request of any administrator or teacher in our service territory, trained AG IN THE CLASSROOM staff will come to your school and provide a lesson fitting the curriculum and state standards of preschool through 8th grade students. And thanks to local sponsors, grants, and donations, our services are available at no cost to schools in Cerro Gordo, Emmet, Franklin, Hancock, Hardin, Kossuth, Webster, Winnebago, and Worth Counties. The following are examples of lessons that are available, and new lessons are continually being developed

  • Dairy
  • Pigs
  • Conservation
  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Sheep
  • Embryology
  • Food Production
  • Ethanol


In our ongoing efforts to provide a high-quality, engaging, and consistent educational experience, AG IN THE CLASSROOM will be in a school for up to one full week providing educational opportunities for several grade levels. Each day will be dedicated to a new and exciting farm-related activity and lesson appropriate for each age.


In addition to AG IN THE CLASSROOM staff presenting lessons to students, we will provide materials and resources for teachers wishing to present agriculture lessons on their own. In most cases the resources are provided free of charge.


NORTH CENTRAL IOWA AG IN THE CLASSROOM staff will organize farm tours for teachers upon request. Students are given the opportunity to visit local livestock and crop farms.


Farm Chat gives upper elementary students the opportunity to visit a working farm through a virtual tour. Using Skype or Google Hang Outs, the classroom will be connected with a farmer while he goes about his daily work on the farm. Most popular times to “visit” the farm are during planting in the spring and harvest in the fall. Contact NORTH CENTRAL IOWA AG IN THE CLASSROOM to hear more about Farm Chat or to schedule a session.