A group of county Farm Bureau boards who saw the need for increased agriculture education came together to create a non-profit organization to help teachers with ag education in lower and upper elementary schools in Iowa. It became evident that the best way to support teachers in their ag education efforts was for trained Ag in the Classroom staff to travel to the various schools and teach the lessons for them! This concept caught on quickly and requests for our services grew exponentially; making it necessary to add more staff to meet the demand. Today, there are six Classroom Instructors who travel to more than 28 buildings in eight counties and reach more than 13,000 students annually. Contact Brenda at b.mormann@nciagintheclassroom.org for more information.

Serving Counties: Cerro Gordo, Emmet, Franklin, Hancock, Hardin, Kossuth, Winnebago, and Worth


Larry Sailer


Jeff Schutjer

Vice President

Lynn Rosendahl


Jordan Davison

Cerro Gordo

Dan Christensen

Emmet County

Bryan Kruse

Emmet County

Kaylee Borcherding

Franklin County

Brent Renner

Hancock County

Kody Trampel

Hancock County

Joy Reinert

Hardin County

Trent Stalzer

Hardin County

Brian Tumey

Kossuth County

Scott Anderson

Winnebago County

Melissa Moritz

Worth County

Cary VanVeldhuizen

Worth County